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PGA Youth Development excels in it's golf instruction through five advantages:

Coaching Team

No other golf academy in China has a team like PGA Golf Academy at Mission Hills. Led by Top 100 Director of Instruction, Kevin Smeltz, all 27 coaches are trained to handle youth of all ages and abilities to maximise their potential.



With twelve 18-hole golf courses, a 3-tier grass driving range, eight indoor teaching bays, and the nation’s one and only Titleist Fitting Center, there is no better place than the PGA Golf Academies to elevate your golf game.

State of the Art Technology

The PGA of America Golf Academies uses the latest technology including Trackman and 3D Bodysuits to enhance the golf learning experience.

Rigorous Training System

Technique is only one factor in developing elite golfers. Developing a plan, executing the plan, identifying tournament strategies and meticulously re-evaluating based on results are critical to golfer’s success.


Custom Fit

We build a training plan specifically for you! We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our team develops a customized program that matches your unique needs. Our professions will help you identify your short- and long-term goals and build a program that can provide a clear path to achieving success.


PGA Youth Academy’s Junior Camps mission is to share our passion for the great game of golf with youths across the nation. Here, it’s about two things—golf and fun. We teach golf’s traditions. We teach its techniques. We just do it in a way that lets kids be kids.

Camps are held in each of our locations and are split into three talent divisions:

Golf Adventure Camp

We build a foundation in golf by engaging students through daily challenges & missions and encourage healthy athletic and educational development. The camp builds a solid golf foundation while developing interests in the game of golf. Campers will learn not just through practice and theory but also through games and competitions. 

Champions Camp
Develop on course experience - Train in a team environment - Receive accurate personalised assessments. Building on the fundamentals requires more detailed insights about your own game. The focus for this camp will be on improving and refining each camper's skills and increasing his or her confidence in golf competition.

Elite Camp
Receive elite training experience - Prepare tor overseas athletic and academic excellence - Led by Director of Golf, Kevin Smeltz. Golfers will extensively focus on their swing, putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers and on-course strategy. Golfers will learn proper fitness and the mental preparation required to optimise their performance. Kevin Smeltz will personally evaluation for each student.

Camps are concentrated in the summer times but held year round.


PGA of America's Junior Series comprises of 12 tournaments, played in 12 cities on 12 separate courses for four age groups U10 - U19 with up to 125 players per tournament. 

11 tournaments take place between September to May under American Junior Score Board and China Golf Association Ranking point system. The final tournament takes place in Haikou Mission Hills Resort and invites 100 participants of the initial 11 tournaments to compete for the title of PGA of America Junior Series Champion. The Junior Series Champion is awarded an invite to compete in the Junior PGA Championships in the United States. 

The PGA of America Junior Series is the premier junior golf competition in China has brings out the best talent the nation has to offer. 


Bromsgrove School Mission Hills is a British International bilingual school affiliated with Bromsgrove School and the Mission Hills Group, nestled within Mission Hills Resort in Shenzhen. The vision of the brand's full-time golf program is to provide young athletes opportunity for success in both academics and athletics. Our goal is to guide every student on their own unique learning path, fostering their growth from amateur athlete to model citizen. 

Students enrolled in the PGA Full-Time Academy are full-time students at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills with a focus on golf excellence. Student's schedules balance their academic coursework along with their golf development, with a minimum of 15 hours spent on the course per week. These hours include up to 8 private lessons a week led by PGA of America certified coaches, 12 hours of technical guidance, 3 hours of fitness training and a full 18 hole game. The PGA Full-Time Academy is open to all, with no prior golf experience necessary.

From student athlete to the next PGA Champion.

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