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Our focus is on developing golfers in a fun learning environment, while our experienced PGA-certified coaches provide an unparalleled atmosphere for students to thrive in. We cover all the traditional elements of golf instruction, including etiquette and golf history.

We offer a variety of PGA Adult Programs throughout the year, including PGA Private, Group Lessons, Family Lessons, as well as our newly introduced Tuesday Golf Society League.


For private lessons, we build a training plan specifically for you. We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our team develops a customized program that matches your unique needs. Our professions will help you identify your short- and long-term goals and build a program that can provide a clear path to achieving success. 


Our coaches have passed rigorous training and studied the nuances and details that are critical to teaching how to break bad habits and develop new ones. Sign up now for one of our PGA Junior programs!


Join us for our PGA Adult Group Golf Lessons in Hong Kong!

  • 6 Weeks - 1 hour per week

  • ​Included: Bay Fees & Golf Club Rental Fees

  • Available: Weekdays & Weekends

  • Maximum 4 students: 1 coach

  • 5% discount for multi-day registrations. Enjoy

  • Limited spots available.

  • Member Rate: HK$3,180 / Non-Member Rate: HK$3,480 (Membership information available here.)

  • Custom group and private group options are available. (Contact us at for more details.)

  • From putting fundamentals, chipping fundamentals, pitching fundamentals, full swing iron fundamentals, full swing driver fundamentals, swing analysis, to on-course tutorial, and more.


Questions? Please contact us at, Whatsapp +852 9137 8386, or +852 3526-0270



  • 6週 - 每週1小時

  • 包括:球位費和高爾夫球桿租賃費

  • 可選擇:平日和週末

  • 最多4名學生:1名教練

  • 多日註冊可享受5%折扣。

  • 名額有限。

  • 會員價:HK$3,180 / 非會員價:HK$3,480(會籍信息請參考這裡。)

  • 我們還提供定制團體和私人團體選項。(有關詳細信息,請聯繫我們。)

  • 從推桿基礎、短推桿基礎、中鐵桿基礎、長桿基礎、揮桿分析,到球場實戰教學等等。


有問題嗎?請聯繫我們,Whatsapp +852 9137 8386,或 +852 3526-0270


Advanced Coaching Studio - FORESiGHT SPORTS GCQuad

Foresight Sports launch monitors use a combination of infrared object tracking and high-speed, high-resolution camera-based technology to precisely measure every aspect of club head and ball launch performance. By capturing thousands of images per second, building a virtual 3D model, and then analyzing a multitude of data components, our technology is able to create the most accurate and complete picture of your ball and club head performance – and deliver the results in nearly real-time.

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