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Toptracer in Hong Kong. Only public golf driving range in Hong Kong with Toptracer. PGA Development Center - Waterfall.


Toptracer shows the flight path of golf balls with valuable shot data, whether in real-time tracking of televised pro tournaments or at the bay of your local range. Toptracer allows patrons to track their shots on the driving range to learn from their mistakes and correct their shots.

The company was founded in 2006 with the goal to enrich the experience of watching golf on TV. By developing a unique software capable of tracking the flight of a golf ball in a camera feed, and adding graphics to make this visible on screen, Toptracer has achieved this. Several of the world’s largest broadcasting companies expressed interest, and soon Toptracer was being featured in TV coverage from the biggest golf tournaments in the world, such as The Open Championship and the Ryder Cup.

Today, every golfer—from the pros to the Joes—has access to valuable shot insights like how far, how fast, and (for some of us) where did that shot even go? Through the gamification of the driving range experience, Toptracer is introducing golf to a new generation of players, teeing up ranges for long-term success, and bringing people together in meaningful ways.

Toptracer, the most used ball tracer in the world is revolutionizing the game of golf. PGA Development is the exclusive provider of Toptracer in China and Hong Kong.


Toptracer technology gives you the ability to trace your shot angle, speed, spin, and distance. With the Toptracer App you can view your shots, select clubs, and view data to get the full picture. You can play in Practice Mode, or choose from a selection of game modes to play with friends.

Download and set up the Toptracer Mobile App on your mobile device to select games and play, keep track of your progress, and participate in our Monthly Toptracer Competition!

Toptracer Range at PGA Development Center - Waterfall in Hong Kong
Toptracer Range at PGA Development Center - Waterfall, Hong Kong


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