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From our grassroots beginner training to elite junior training, our courseware and systems are tailored to your children and family’s evolving golfing needs. We use leading technology, proven teaching systems and a positive learning environment to give you the best experience possible.

Group lessons are especially popular with younger ages first being introduced to golf. It is PGA Youth Development's focus to share our passion for the great game of golf. For adults starting off, our coaches are well rehearsed in teaching methods for beginners and can teach the game in a way to keep all levels engaged and eager for their next challenge.

All new students are required to take part in an assessment prior to joining a group class. This allows our coaches to better understand students' current talent and better place him/her in a class level more suitable to his/her skill. All group classes are limited to 6 students per coach. Groups are welcome to book classes together as well. Please contact us directly to coordinate such groups.

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