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Junior Programme

The philosophy behind our junior programs is to develop athletes first and competitive golfers thereafter. The most important goal is to foster a love for the game by creating a fun and challenging environment in which to learn.

Junior Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for those junior players who wish to concentrate on their individual needs, whether it is a single session or a series of lessons to expand on existing golf skills in a fun, friendly and encouraging atmosphere. We concentrate on drawing the very best performance from each child, helping them to fulfill their potential as a player and an athlete.

Learning & Performance

Our PGA Development Program takes a total beginner and develops a sound understanding of the fundamentals of the game through a series of 12-week courses. The curriculum covers everything from learning the swing and putting skills to the importance of footwork and speed. Students lean the history of the game and essential etiquette skills and we concentrate on improving fitness levels and overall athletic development.

Player Development 

The Player Development Program helps junior players to learn and enhance their golfing abilities and align them to specific goals. It also provides an opportunity for them to practice outside of scheduled lessons. Players may also track their progress not only with their instructors, but also with the CoachNow platform.

Golf Teams - Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup Team is structured in a manner to give junior golfers the best opportunity to improve their ability in a team environment while preparing them for advancing to the PGA Championship Team.

This team encourages further skill development and learning through our PGA coaching and training systems. Through our tried and tested approach we are able to cultivate players with a true love for the game.

Golf Teams - PGA Championship

The PGA Championship Team is structured in a manner similar to other leading provincial, national or university teams. The majority of the training focus is on group and personal training with optimization for their tournament schedule.

The players are required to attend selected golf tournaments in the Asia region during the calendar year. Ultimately, the PGA Championship Team is a platform where junior golfers will further enhance their current skill level and become future tournament champions.

TPI Movement Assessment

This assessment is led by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness Instructors, offering a new approach for golfers to improve their game with custom golf fitness programs by using Techno Gym, the world’s leading producer of design and technology-driven fitness smart connected equipment to help golfers improve strength, flexibility, and agility through technologically advanced systems.

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